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All About Massage

About the therapist

Angel McConnell RMT

I graduated from Western College of Remedial Massage in 2005

I received the Don Bennett  Award of Excellence

It is awarded to the student who has shown extreme dedication and devotion

to the study of Remedial Massage Therapy

overcoming extenuating circumstances.

I went back to school at the age of 37 to become a therapist.

School was difficult to say the least.

But I really did Love the thought of making people feel better.

So worth it!!!!

After graduating I have taken different courses to increase my knowledge

in massage treatments. I have also worked in several different settings.

Learning and improving as I go along.

I enjoy the challenges of being a massage therapist,

trying to figure out and help clients with their issues.

I always say I have the best "job" I hurt people and they thank me

and pay me, whats not to Love.